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Four years ago, we created the Welcome Conference as a place for hospitality professionals to come together and share ideas, inspire one another, and connect to form community. It’s evolved dramatically in the years since, with people from outside our industry joining the audience to gain insights on hospitality and inspiring speakers from all walks of life taking the stage to bring differing perspectives to the conversation.

In 2015 we discussed the idea of “Being Right” as we seek to serve one another, to build relationships, and to create connections. In 2016 we gathered together and talked about the power of “Being Present.” Last year we discussed the impacts of “Conflict and Change.” This year, we turn our attention to the thing that is at the very root of what we do in our restaurant each night: “Restoration.”

Lincoln Center
June 4th, 2018:

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Hosted by
Will Guidara
Anthony Rudolf
& Brian Canlis

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2017 : Conflict & Change

Adversity is a Terrible Thing to Waste Frank Guidara

As Close to Mind-reading as Brain Science Gets Dr. John Medina

Dream Team Waffle House Olympians with Sean Brock

Embracing Conflict Leads to Better Change Sam Lipp

Endless Reinvention : Embrace Tension Will Guidara & Daniel Humm

Look Away No More Brian Canlis

Moving from Conflict to Cooperation Gary Noesner

Rooted in Change Mary Celeste Beall

Rust Never Sleeps David Chang

Slap Tradition Across the Face Charles Carter

Some Things I've Learned Richard Melman

The Hospitality of Self Melanie Whelan

These Voices in My Head Anthony Rudolf

Zero Stars: Hospitality as Restorative Justice Jordyn Lexton

2016 : Being Present

A Sort of Homecoming Nilou Motamed

Bond Bright (Like a Diamond) Christina Tosi

Building Intimacy at Scale Sweetgreen

Designing Wonder Dan White

Distraction | Connection Donnie Madia

Harlem Hospitality: Being In and Of Marcus Samuelsson

Hineni, Here I am Michael Solomonov

Life Together: The Space Between Us Alice and Chris Canlis

Nobu & Drew...22 Years Later Drew Nieporent

Perfecting Presence: Why Perfection Doesn't Work Andrew Zimmern

Presence On, Static Off Bobby Stuckey

The Practice of Presence Elena Brower

2015 : Being Right

A Restaurant Critic Is Always Right Alan Richman

Being Awesome! The Only Thing That Is Right For Me Tim Harris

Breaking Down the Wall Daniel Humm

Captivating Moments Thomas Kochs

Get the F**k Up and Try Richard Betts

Recognizing Right Amy Mills

Saying Yes Sarah Robbins

Social Music Jon Batiste

The Irrelevancy of Being Right Danny Meyer

The Pleasure of Your Company...Extending Radical Invitations Bill Golderer

The Wrong Way to Being Right Steve Ells

Without Purpose, We Would Not Exist Banjo Harris Plane


A Survey of Service, Research, and Education Jen Purcell

Après Vous... Charles Masson

Emotional Presence Will Guidara

Heart + Sole: The Role of a Neighborhood Restaurant Gabe Stulman

Imprisoned Lightning Brian and Mark Canlis

Refining Energy Anthony Rudolf

Tension + Confrontation + Mom's Advice = Hospitality Paul Grieco

The Bigger We Get the Smaller We Need to Act Randy Garutti

The Code of Hospitality Rita Jammet

The Modernization of Service Simon King

The Other Family Jeff Katz

Using Technology in Unexpected Ways for Fun and Profit Nick Kokonas

What Food Writers Shortchange Frank Bruni