Share. Inspire. Connect.
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Share. Inspire. Connect.

Welcome 2018
June 4th
Alice Tully Hall, NYC

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Hosted by Anthony Rudolf & Will Guidara with Brian Canlis

There has been a wonderful renaissance in the last 10 years surrounding food and food culture in the restaurant industry. It's been inspiring to watch more and more people pursue a career in this field; to watch the community of chefs grow around the world, share ideas, inspire one another, and establish genuine relationships. This connectedness has made restaurants all over the world better places to work, and better places to dine.

Yet hospitality extends outside of restaurants and is present across many industries – it truly is a conversation that has no borders, that is relevant to many, and that has the power to change the way that we interact with one another.

The Welcome Conference is a forum to do just that: to bring together a room full of passionate and creative individuals, to share ideas, offer varying perspectives, and to establish meaningful connections. 

2017 Conflict & Change

This theme covers two different ideas, that are so often linked. With conflict, there is change—the changing of an approach, of a perspective, of a landscape. And with change, there is conflict—the nostalgia for what was, the prescription for what should be, the growing pains of what is.

Rust Never Sleeps

David Chang

Adversity is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Frank Guidara

Rooted in Change

Mary Celeste Beall

Slap Tradition Across the Face

Charles Carter

These Voices in My Head

Anthony Rudolf

Endless Reinvention : Embrace Tension

Will Guidara & Daniel Humm

Zero Stars: Hospitality as Restorative Justice

Jordyn Lexton

Look Away No More

Brian Canlis

Some Things I've Learned

Richard Melman

The Hospitality of Self

Melanie Whelan

Moving from Conflict to Cooperation

Gary Noesner

As Close to Mind-reading as Brain Science Gets

Dr. John Medina


Embracing Conflict Leads to Better Change

Sam Lipp

Dream Team Waffle House Olympians

with Sean Brock


2016 Being Present

2015 Being Right

2014 - Hospitality (The 1st Event)


The Team



Co.create NYC



Make It Nice





Sandra Di Capua

Sandra is a Partner of Co.create NYC, an experiential marketing and design firm. She has worked in the food industry for 10 years and began as assistant to renowned cookbook author, Joan Nathan. She later moved to New York to join the team at Eleven Madison Park. There, she began as a coat check and worked her way up, eventually becoming project manager and working on the purchase of Eleven Madison Park, developing and opening the food and beverage programs at the NoMad Hotel, and helping to write, edit, and publish Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook, and I Love NY: Ingredients and Recipes.


Aaron Ginsberg

Aaron works in the corporate offices of Eleven Madison Park, The NoMad, and Make It Nice, as Director of Strategic Development. A native New Yorker, he first jumped into the advertising industry after graduating from Union College, a small liberal arts school in Upstate New York, but ultimately followed his passion for hospitality and the restaurant industry. 


Wicked Good Media

Wicked Good Media is a NYC-based video production, marketing, and communications company. Sarah Rosenberg (Founder, CEO) and Hallie Delaney (Exec. Director) work with a range of clients, developing and implement press, multimedia, and experiential campaigns. WGM’s philosophy is really quite simple: innovative and compelling stories generate interest, inspire loyalty, and establish a strong brand. When Sarah and Hallie say, “We’ll think of something,” they mean it. And, you know it’ll be wicked good.