7 Inspiring Lessons from the 2nd Annual Welcome Conference

Yesterday, we had the privilege of attending the Welcome Conference, Will Guidara and Anthony Rudolf’s one-of-a-kind hospitality conference in Manhattan. In its second year, the event drew 375, up from 250 in 2014, of the world’s most renowned and hardworking hospitality professionals, from speakers — including Danny Meyer, musician Jon Batiste, and critic Alan Richman — and attendees such as Drew Nieporent.

There were laughs, tears, and cheers – and a lot of hugs (we all have restaurateur Tim Harris of Tim’s Place for inspiring everyone in the audience to bear-hug our neighbors!). A woman seated next to us remarked that the whole day was akin to being at church. Certainly, there was a feeling of spiritual revival that permeated the whole energizing event.

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