Hosted by Will Guidara & Anthony Rudolf


2016 Videos

Being Present


This year we talked about being present--as individuals, with each other, and at work. Watch the videos below for more insight.

In its third year, the Welcome Conference has become my annual gut check more than anything else—and overwhelming proof that NYC is brimming with humanity and hospitality.
–Jennifer Flowers, Afar

2015 Videos

Being Right

Is the customer always right?

This year’s conference explored the idea of being right in the context of hospitality, bringing to light the nuances and complexities around what it means to be right.  Watch the videos below for more insight.

The WC15 is a living, breathing thing and will continue to inspire. – Kevin Boehm, Boka Restaurant Group

2014 Videos



Our first year brought together twelve hospitality professionals to share their perspectives on a life in hospitality.  Watch the videos below for more insight.

Never forget that @welcome_nyc kicked off with a guy lip-syncing to Sympathy for the Devil while carving a pineapple. BRILLIANT.
— Helen Rosner, Features Editor, Eater