Conference Theme: Conflict & Change
Recorded on 6/5/17


Shortly after graduating from Wesleyan University, Jordyn Lexton took a job with East River Academy, teaching literature to incarcerated youths on Rikers Island. Three years in, Jordyn grew determined to make a difference in the students' lives. Jordyn raised nearly $500,000 to buy a food truck (called Snowday) and launch Drive Change, a nonprofit that trains formerly incarcerated young people and helps them find jobs in the food-service industry. They all start out working on the truck, which serves sweet and savory dishes, all featuring New York maple syrup. Snowday has won Rookie of the Year at the Vendy Awards street-food competition, and Gothamist and Time Out named it one of the top ten food trucks in the city. Jordyn spends time working on the truck talking to customers about social-justice issues while also planning the next big initiative: securing a commissary where food trucks can park overnight, get cleaned, and load up in order to provide back-end services to the food trucks parking there and to supply them with employees as well. 

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